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Utah Association of Local Boards of Health

Thursday, September 7th

Professional Development - Public Health Values Study

Sarah Hodson, Executive Director, Get  Healthy Utah

Cameron Mitchell, EHS, MPH, Executive Director, Utah Association of Local Boards of Health  and Utah Association of Local Health Departments

Friday, September 8th

Business Meeting

  1. Remove items 4 & 5 (from the bylaws comparison) regarding the steering committee appointing the president elect and treasurer from the proposed bylaws changes.  

            Motion: Jim Smith, 2nd: Myron Bateman, Vote Yes: 16, Vote No: 6

  1. Approve bylaws with the change requested above.  

            Motion: Ken Johnson, 2nd: Tina Kelley, Vote Yes: 21, Vote No: 1

                  1. Accept financial report as presented.

                      Motion: Paula Julander, 2nd: Keith Goodspeed, Vote Yes: 21, Vote No: 1


Toxic Stress & Resiliency  

Dr. Edward Redd, MD, Medical Services Practitioner, Bear River Mental Health

Legislative Report & Update  

Randall Probst, RN, MBA, Health Officer, Wasatch County Health Department

Cameron Mitchell, MPH, EHS, Executive Director, UALBH & UALHD

Mobile Food Trucks - How the Legislature and Health Departments Work Together  

Ralph Clegg, EHS, MPA, Health Officer, Utah County Health Department

Bryce Larsen, EHS, MPA, Environmental Health Director, Utah County Health Department

Forecast for Environmental Quality in Utah (Air Quality, Algal Blooms, Sanitary Surveys, Oh My!)  

Alan Matheson, JD, Executive Director, Utah Department of Environmental Quality

Case Study - Measles, Mumps, and Pertussis  

Gary Edwards, MS, Health Officer, Salt Lake County Health Department



SEPTEMBER 7 - 8, 2017